La plus grande difficulté pour traverser les Balkans en parapente reste les forêts à perte de vue ! Ce n’est pas toujours possible de trouver un atterrissage ou même un décollage de partout. Il vaut mieux essayer de rester haut quand c’est possible.
Les forêts empêchent le soleil de chauffer le sol et de créer des thermiques. La plaine sans arbre est souvent plus efficace pour voler avec des plafonds plus hauts.

The biggest difficulty in crossing the Balkans in paragliding is the forests with lost sight! It’s not always possible to find a landing or even a take-off anywhere. It’s better to try to stay hight when possible.
Forests prevent the sun from heating the ground and creating thermal. The treeless plain is often more effective for flying with higher bases clouds.

One month ago Bulgarian paragliders offered to come across the Balkans on a bivouac flight. I accepted on the sole condition of taking a Bulgarian novice of the bivouac flight!
We finally left with Tedi in the adventure! A women Bulgarian paragliding champion without any experience in the field of bivouac. Departure to the border of Serbia to reach the Black Sea. It took us a less than 2 weeks.
A new experience with many unexpected difficulties for all 2.
I will tell you some points in the next news.