Pakistan airway : The Movie

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Thank’s Philippe Briérre

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You want to get to the heart of a trip of 1 250km in the middle of the Pakistan Himalayas in solo bivouac flight? This film is for you! It is not intended to disseminate beautiful images but especially to live the adventure from the inside. Images are amateurs in embedded camera and is an amateur movie. The interview during the action, the galleys, comments, impressions, etc. Of course you will find also beautiful images and flying over the Broad Peak(8051m)


Why procure this movie?

– There are beautiful images
– But especially for finance this adventure and the next one.


The teaser


The film with a 1:10 time exists only in French.
At this time the movie exist only in dematerialized, ie to download.

With a donation of € 10 to the association you will receive in exchange the possibility to download the film.


It is possible to pay by check, bank transfer, cash or Paypal. To order contact me on the address


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