Aconcagua Movie

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Traduction Pedro, un grand merci!!!!
Pedro translation, big thank you!!!!

Winters 2019. A dream, to cross from West to East the Andes mountain range in paragliding bivouac flight. The crossing was never successful despite several attempts. Antoine Girard goes solo to try the crossing by choosing the route of the first route opened in 1918 by airmail planes.
It’s an initiatory journey to self-discovery, the simple crossing is not enough. Aconcagua (6,962m) is not far, you have to face the mountain and the elements to complete your inner journey and understand the difficulty of such a crossing.
Is it really achievable? What are the limits of such a crossing? Can we really come back unscathed?


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The film of 35minutes30 exists only in French but with subtitled in English and Spanish.
At this time the movie exist only in dematerialized, ie to download.

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