New Zealand

Cross New Zealand, south islande

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Crossing the Alps of New Zealand hike and fly.
800 km of adventure in the South Island, a wild land.
Décember 2015 to January 2016
The goal is to cross in independence, there is no assistance during all the crossing.
The main power source is fish and food that we can take initially.

My adventure teammate is Benoit Outters with whom I participated the X-Alps 2015 as a teammate.


Crossing succeeded in 10 days! A fabulous weather finally allowed us to return. It took us 19 days for the outward and return after a day of rest in Nelson.

Map hike and fly to go:

carte aller

Map hike and fly to back:

carte retour

Pictures :



photos 1


Temps glacial et humide, toutes les couches de vêtement sont utilisés 2


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