Ande crossing

The expedition in the Andes is over!
Rather satisfied with the trip with the results:
– World record altitude gain in paragliding beaten, 5854m achieved and previous record 4526m in 1993.
– First crossing of the Andes in paragliding. Previous first aerial: 1916 first balloon crossing, 1918 first in plane, 1964 first in glider, 2019 first in paragliding!
Track :
Visualization Ayvri (Doarama):

– First flight over the Aconcagua (highest peak of America 6962m) in paragliding. Fligt over on January 15th at 7203m and overflight on January 16th at more than 7100m.
– Record on the biggest triangle FAI in Chile with 129km
Track :
In 3D: