X-Alps 2017

The X-Alps is the world’s toughest adventure race everyone is longing for, the Holy Grail of paragliding and hiking race.

It takes place every two years in July and is organized and sponsored by Red Bull. The 30 best paragliders and hikers of the world take part in this race.

These year, 30 athletes from 19 nations were selected.

It’s above all one of the greatest adventures you can experience in Europe in harmony with nature, crossing the Alps hiking and flying in the middle of the highest peaks. It remains closer to the nature, no mechanical moving means being allowed.

The challenge is to cross the Alps from East to West, starting in Salzburg (Austria) and finishing in Monaco, as quickly as possible, travelling only by paraglide or by foot and carrying a minimum equipment.

The athletes will have to travel past turn points defined by the Race Committee. The main one, which is common to every edition, is the Mont-Blanc by the North face.

Most paragliders dream of taking part in such a mythical race, which reflects the very origin of paragliding: moving from one point to another only by flying or hiking.

Competitors are tracked in real time on the Internet via the Live Tracker, a tag that gives the GPS position every moment of the race. Accessed from: http://www.redbullxalps.com


The road will be announced in spring 2017.

The window opening race this year is from 5am to 22:30.

Every 48 hours, the last competitor is eliminated.

The site of the X-Alps