Ballade chez les Kiwis

You want to get to the heart of the crossing of the New Zealand in bivouac flight? This film is for you! It is not intended to disseminate beautiful images but especially to live the adventure from the inside. Images are amateurs in embedded camera, move a little and not all the time framed but the film is so true! The interview during the action, the galleys, comments, impressions, etc. Of course you will find also beautiful images. (Camera A7S and iPhone 6S more)


Why buy this movie?

– There are beautiful images and humor
– But especially for finance this adventure and the next one.


The teaser


The film with a 1:06 time only exists in three versions, only in French.
In PAL DVD (720×576) with slideshow of 166 photographs (gives the right to download in HD). Price € 11
In HD DIVX (1920 * 1080) media sold in MP4 format on DVD. Price € 11
– In dematerialized, ie to download. This is the fim above (DIVX). Price € 8


It is possible to pay by bank transfer, cash or Paypal. To order (without paypal) contact me on the address


To download directly the film with a donation via Paypal: